Pedro Tejada’s trajectory reflects perfectly the director he is today. The combination of art, sports, technology and stunning visuals is an eccentric combination that was nurtured from his early love of sports, which made him a very young professional athlete, his beginning as a DIT of renowned DOPs such as Matthew Libatique, Fred Eles and Ricardo DellaRosa and later migration to post-production, when he supervised multi-disciplinary projects for clients such as Facebook, Google and Mastercard, mixing VR, CGI and composition. His short-film Try-all is a sophisticated combination of all of his passions.

Halls - Último Lote


Manu Mazzaro began his career as a creative director in important agencies in Brazil and abroad, winning important awards at festivals such as Cannes, New York Festival, London Directors & Art Directors, Clio Award, Creative Club Festival, Wave Festival, Young Bullet and Young Cannes Lions. Upon his return to Brazil, he began his career as Director, where his work has stood out in directing campaigns for large brands such as Natura, Boticário, Audi, Citröen, Samsung, Bradesco and C&A.   After making the leap to Director, in a few years he has been awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, Directors and Art Directors, Festival do Clube de Criação, Wave Festival, New York Film Festival and El Ojo de Iberoamérica. He just released a video for the London band PVA with the song Sleek Form.

Coca Cola - Silence


Tomo Terzano is a director who unites different disciplines, mainly anchored in the visual, the disruptive and the futuristic. His transit through the world of video clips, fashion and visual arts makes Tomás a different director, always aiming to unite these worlds to achieve his goal of being a creator of new trends.   The recent winner of "New Talent" by the Círculo de Creatividad Argentina, adding to his 2 Diente awards obtained in 2020, consolidating a name and endorsement in the creative and advertising community of his country. He has also worked in Spain for Coca-Cola, in Mexico for Mercado Pago and Bolivia with Cerveza Paceña, among others.   If something defines this director, it is his daring to seek new places not explored before, that is his trademark.


Mireya was born in Barcelona, where she went to film school. She graduated in Direction at ESCAC after directing her first short film "Heavy, road movie," which was selected for several festivals. A year later, she moved to Mexico City, where she made the leap to advertising. Specializing in fiction, her strengths are storytelling, humor, and directing actors. The connection she creates with her actors has led her to also work with children and real people. She has worked for clients such as Dove, Chevrolet, Discovery, and PepsiCo. She joined to us and now Mireya is part of our great selected team.


Venezuelan director based in Barcelona. Lorena, is a creator of innovative and engaging images mixing film, animation and camera effects, focusing on unique, controvential and powerful images, built predominantly to create strong visual narratives. Her fresh style combines authenticity with humor and a touch of nervousness.


Mariana studied acting at the Célia Helena Theatre School for three years, but decided to work as a writer in large advertising agencies. After a career of almost ten years, she migrated to production companies. As a director, she returned to her origins and studied acting direction in Los Angeles, Chile and São Paulo. She directed campaigns for J&J, Rolling Stone, Fiat, Sky, Oi, Natura and Samsung. The Ballet film for the campaign “Connect to the one you love with a Samsung TV”, reached 10 million views mark on YouTube in just three months. In cinema, the most recent project is the short, B-Flat, filmed in India and exhibited in 2014 at the International Festival of Brasilia and the International Festival of Cairo, Egypt.


Cinzia began her career as a director and photographer in 2007. Her debut short film "Paillettes" was selected at the Venice Film Festival. From that moment, Cinzia began filming for the advertising industry. Her work is characterized by a realistic and natural touch mixed with a strong visual style. She currently lives in Milan.


  Beširević is a Director & Photographer. Born in Sarajevo, she grew up in Norway and moved to Paris at the age of 18. Growing up she lacked any visual records of her childhood, which is why she has chosen to spend her life creating images. After 10 years in Paris, she has built a striking portfolio of photography and film projects. Her photography has been exhibited at Milk Gallery (New York), and been featured in Harper’s Bazaar. Beširević has collaborated with a wide selection of the world’s most influential fashion and luxury brands, working on film projects for Dior, Christian Louboutin Beaute, Louis Vuitton, 25 magazine, Mary Katrantzou, Bureau Betak, Magnum, Armani, Domperignon, Pigalle and Rodarte ( Both with an exclusive production for Dazed Digital), and many more. She currently resides in Mexico City.


Born as an image maker, Cyril Guyot was raised in Paris. He currently lives and works in New York City. Since graduating from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Cyril has directed countless art videos, music videos, and commercials for people like Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Porche, Mercedes, Nissan, and more.



Based in Uruguay, Claudia is a film and advertising director, screenwriter, film career teacher, documentary filmmaker and mother. In love with people, her work navigates freely between childhood innocence and the harshness adulthood to tell short and long stories in a beautiful and cinematic way.

SALADITAS GAMESA - Ensaladitas de Autor


Martín Pimentel is a young director born in Buenos Aires, and living in CDMX.   He debuted with video clips and non-traditional digital content. For a few years he has taken his artistic vision to the world of advertising and digital content, creating commercials that stand out for their visual quality and careful aesthetics.   He has campaigned for top-tier brands. He has a great sensibility for storytelling and directing actors, and has also produced tabletop scenes with great success. In the contents of it you can see the contribution of freshness, new narrative languages and great versatility to move in this time of great changes.



With an art director's sense of visual style and a photographer's eye for nuanced composition, Ed's work includes films that feature visual narratives, natural performances, lush places and dramatic cinematography. The spots for brands like Lincoln Motor Company, Tim Horton, Nike, The History Channel, and Panasonic reflect his multifaceted  career, as well as his tremendus sensitivity.


Les Azules are Marilina Martignone and Paul Colabella, a multidisciplinary duo Direction and Art Direction based on CDMX. We express in a particular way each project in which we participate. We are interested in materiality, communication, subtlety and humor.   We enjoy the meticulous and detailed work. Our craft involves designers, artists, animators, carpenters, set builders, and friends we admire.


Antonio Balseiro eager to connect audiences with relevant issues in an exciting way. He is particularly enthusiastic about the merge of entertainment and education, connecting meaningful information with emotions and he believes that films and animation can be a great tool to do so.   He is inspired by those organizations and individuals that are redesigning our way of life for the better and wants to work helping them tell their stories and promote their ideas.   Antonio is also interested in rethinking the way mixed media films are produced, he is currently building a sustainable animation studio & farm called "El Pantano"


Born and raised in Brazil, today Carla lives between São Paulo and Los Angeles doing what she loves: telling stories. Carla is especially happy when the product of her directing can have a social impact, create empathy towards something or someone, or simply move the viewer. Most recently, she signed commercials for Target, Johnnie Walker, Google, Microsoft, JCPenney, Golden Road Brewery and the Emmy-nominated movie “A Whole New World,” created for Disney’s Team of Heroes initiative. She has also directed the short film “The Jump”, which was selected by NALIP’s (National Association of Latino Independent Producers) Latino Lens Incubator, and just finished her first documentary feature. Forever, Carla intends to capture moments – moments that form stories, stories that make us all so uniquely human.

HT Female Directors Mexican Market


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